Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Trace vs Karl K @ 91.7 WKDUfm (May 12, 1996)

Those of you who were actually around in the very early days of the Philadelphia jungle scene should remember when one could actually hear drum n bass on FM radio. That is if you were turned onto Mr. Roper's jungle/dnb show on Drexel's University's 91.7fm WKDU. Somehow all the way up in the Greater Northeast area of Philly I was always able to pick up the station, and, by luck one night, happened to tune in to find myself knee deep in an ab. so. lute. ly tearin' set of the then very next level sounds of DJ's Trace &; Karl K.

Naturally I quickly popped in a cassette tape to capture what I could - sadly just the last hour of their set. And after holding it very close to my chest all these years I'm sharing it with the world. Note that these were all dubplates at the time of this recording, I included the labels in the tracklist as its surprising (or maybe it isn't) that most of them got released. Excuse the poor sound quality - it was raining, the signal was weak and its from a nearly 17 year old cassette tape. It's a bit raw, innit? As always, enjoy. (And fill in the blanks! I know the tunes, but can't place the names!)

Side 1
Dom & Roland - Dynamics (Moving Shadow)
Trace & Nico - Mad Different Methods (No U-Turn)
Dillinja Deadly Deep Subs (Rmx) (Razors Edge)
Rufige Kru - VIP Riders Ghost (Metalheadz)
Olive - Miracle (Doc Scott Rmx) (RCA)
Mirage (Source Direct) - Personal (Odysee)
Hydro - The Bomb Shit (Emotif)
Blim - Jeamland (DJ Trace's Word) (Emotif)
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Side 2
Blim - Jeamland (DJ Trace's Word) (Emotif)
Trace & Nico - Damn Son (No U-Turn)
Ed Rush & Nico - Mothership (No U-Turn)
Trace & Nico - Amtrak (No U-Turn)
Ed Rush - Check Me Out (Deejay)
Trace/Nico? - ???
Ed Rush - August (No U-Turn)
Ed Rush - Killamanjaro (Prototype)
Trace & Nico - Haze (Emotif)
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