Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Michelle Sainte LIVE @ Next Step, Club Skyline, Philadelphia circa 1998 (Video)

Here comes another nifty little throwback video of a few of the residents at the old Philly dnb weekly Next Step at that took place Tuesdays at Club Skyline, where the seed were planted for the eventual smashdown that was Platinum. Thanks again to MagnumDB for the capture and upload! If you missed our video of J/Smooth & Method One in action, check it out! 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

J. Smooth & Method One @ Next Step, Philly (Video)

Whoa nelly! We're on a posting rampage over here @ the DS215. Here's some fun footage of the early days at Next Step, the weekly party that took place at the much beloved/mostly hated Skyline Nightclub @ 12th & Arch. Check out the dons J. Smooth and Method One laying down the Philly vibes sometime in 97/98. Shouts to MagnumDB for the footage!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Karl K: Techstep Selection - (Summer 1996)

Here is one of those tapes that always felt sort of illicit as Karl never released this officially that I know of, it was allegedly made for a friend, then passed to a friend to a friend to a friend and wound up in my possession. For years I've held onto it as its excellent and recently, finally ripped it to mp3 to preserve it as the cassette is deteriorating rapidly. The mix is a raw slash through ninety blistering minutes of techstep drum n bass music, in the heat of Philadelphia, summer 1996. The tunes feature the finest bits by the usual suspects. Track list after the jump. Enjoy, comment, and share. And thanks Karl for a great mix.

Side 1
Trace – Mutant Revisited
Skyscraper - Liberty One
Blame – Neptune
Ed Rush – What’s Up?
– Got To
Dillinja - Violent Killa

Dom and Roland – Dynamics
Nico and Trace – Mad Different Methods
Ed Rush – Subway
Ed Rush – Mothership
Doc Scott – Machines
Dom and Roland - The Planets

Dillinja – Deadly Deep Subs Remix

Side 2
Dillinja – Deadly Deep Subs Remix
Dom and Roland – Thunder

Trace and Nico - Droid

Rollerz Instinct – Haze

Ed Rush – Killamanaro

B.L.I.M. –
Jeamland (Trace’s Word)
Doc Scott – Drumz ‘95
 Dillinja – Threshold
Fierce and Nico - Input

Ed Rush – The Raven

??? - ???

Trace and Nico - Monkeys

Ed Rush – Skylab

Friday, May 10, 2013

Platinum: The Final Smashdown @ Club Fluid / April 2013

In April of 2013, Philadelphia drum and bass finished the most important chapter of its history as the city's legendary nightspot Fluid closed its doors after 16 successful years. Fluid was home to the influential and groundbreaking weekly party Platinum, run by Dieselboy & Kevin Gimble, (and countless others behind the scenes) from 1997-2004, boasting such weekly resident DJs such as DSL himself, Kaos, Karl K, Method One, Mason, Sine, Icon, Armanni, Sharpness, Messinian, and Illy MC, with the weekly top notch out-of-town guests reading like a whose-who of dnb music.

Before the club closed last month the gang got together for one last smashdown, and luckily for all of us, someone remembered to hit the record button. Enjoy these sets. Big up to Mason for the links!  

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Karl K 


Method One