Saturday, March 27, 2010

More Classic Kaos (1994)

I don't know when this flyer is from as there is no date, and the same goes for the mix it accompanies as my good friend (who, like me, also happens to be a card carrying member of the Geriatric Raver Society ;) Celestial donated to the blog. She cautioned the tape might not even play. But lucky for us it did! Judging from the track selection (Origin Unknown's "Valley Of The Shadows", "The Dark Stranger", Goldie's "Fury", and DJ Crystl's "King Of The Beats" all make appearances, among plenty more stormers), I'm guessing that the tape (and most likely flyer) hail from maybe late 1993, early 1994. The mix is a bit dark, but mixed impeccably, as expected. Enjoy. :) Brings back memories.

DJ Kaos - Untitled - 1993

Download Side 1
Download Side 2
Keep in mind these are ripped from very old cassette tapes, the sound quality is not the best!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

DJ Trace Live on Bassquake, 103.3 (May 1997)

Philadelphia drum n bass heads had it lucky in the mid 90's, as one of the originators of the sound, DJ Trace had settled into our fine city and regularly rocked it's dance floors with dubplates no one had or heard, from his occasional visits back to the UK. This set was recorded during the height of that period, with Trace stopping by Michelle Sainte's infamous Bassquake radio show on Princeton University's 103.3 WPRB, as most will remember to be one of the only places to hear jungle or drum n bass on American FM radio (though it is a college station).

I remember it being miserably rainy the day this aired (Friday the 13th!), I recorded while at work (in an office, mind you)on a crappy boom box, but I did my best to do a bit of remastering and boosted the levels. Please don't forget, these are being ripped from cassette tapes!

While it isn't the full set, it is most of it, at least all 90 minutes I could capture. In addition to loads of still unreleased stormers, it overflows with classic No U-Turn, Metalheadz, Prototype, Ram, and Renegade Hardware techstep and early neurofunk. This was the first taste many of us got of bits like "The Shining", "Sonar", "Cells", "Replicants" and of course "To Shape The Future VIP", and it's mixed and selected in typical Trace style, with the usual Bassquake shout-outs and banter. An excellent listen for any fan of the sound. Sorry no tracklist, maybe we could compile one?

DJ Trace Live on Bassquake, 103.3 - May 1997

Click to download Side 1
Click to download Side 2

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Karl K & Kaos 1994 Face-Off!

If you happened to be one of the many attendees at raves in Philadelphia during the early 1990's, the only time you heard jungle, breakbeat or UK hardcore music was most likely from these two pioneers of the local sound. Karl K & Kaos, basically a duo @ the time, (and augmented by the likes of the one and only MC Dub 2) released these two seminal mixtapes, both in late 1994, so we're posting them both up here in an attempted face off! All in good fun, of course. You be the judge!

Personally, these were the golden years of the genre. While many amazing tunes were released, and subgenres spawned after this point, so much ground was being broke at this point in terms of production and where the genre was headed.

DJ Kaos - Causin Up A Stress

Download Side 1
Download Side 2

Karl K - Untitled

Download Side 1
Download Side 2

More to come!