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  Formerly known as DJ Bagel, Philadelphia's Brian Aufdenberg currently divides his time between fatherhood, managing a clothing company, enjoying a nice glass of vino, and immersing himself in all styles and genres of music. After beginning a career DJing drum n bass music in 1997 that took him to countless cities and venues and resulted in his long running internet radio show Eclipse from 1998-2004, he took some time off to focus on life outside of the music. Fresh off of his new mix under his new name, DrumSkool215's Joey Breakdown sat down with DJ BMA for a chat in anticipation of his brand new radio show, The Vast Parlor, starting with a soft launch Thursday, January 9th @ 8pm EST, and every 2nd and 4th Thursday thereafter on

Here is some text copied from their chat:

So you've been known as DJ Bagel for all of your DJing career. What’s with the name change? 

BMA: A few reasons. As I have gotten a bit older, the name Bagel just sounded a bit... immature. I have had it as a nickname for so long I know it will always be a part of who I am, but with getting back into music, I wanted to have somewhat of a fresh start as well as something a bit more personable and intimate and reflective. I also want this to be a part of who I am now and almost have it be a fresh start in someways. BMA is just my full initials.

DS215: I did the same thing with my name, just cut it to "Breakdown" for a few years, but when I started playing dnb regularly again in 2009/2010 I just went back to what people knew me as way back when. Sounds a bit immature as well but oh well.   

BMA: I would be OK with breakdown. Its a music reference as well as a slang term. Bagel is just a breakfast food haha.

DS215: LOL. So as a DJ you've lived in and played in many different places. Tell us some of the locations and how you ended up in Philly. 

BMA: Columbus, OH / Atlanta, GA / Pittsburgh, PA / Philly, PA. In 2004, I was doing a lot of DJing and music as well as doing clothing and accessory sales for Breakbeat Science. I got divorced and was dating a woman here and it seemed like a logical, affordable alternative to NYC yet close enough. And actually once I got here, I took a break to focus on life outside of music and get away from so much time in clubs and parties and enjoyed other pursuits. Never left the music, just didn't really pursue it full time and then took a much needed break. But the music was always around and a part of my life. 
DS215: So with your experience moving around, what are some notable spots/nights you've played over the years and why? Any particular parties stand out?

Without a doubt Fuze/Fuzz in Pittsburgh was the highlight. Respect in Los Angeles was awesome, Phuturo in SF, Eklektik in SF was top notch. A few parties in Miami at WMC. Some crazy ass event in Puerto Rico was unreal. Camoflauge in NYC. Headlining the Knowledge Magazine party in Montreal was pretty epic.

DS215: To get an idea of your influences, tell us a few of your favorite DJs and producers.

BMA: From what time period??? There are so many!

DS215: Lets say all time. Give us just your tops.

BMA: OK. In no order... producers: Doc Scott (named my last dog after him), Dom and Roland, Photek, Peshay, Digital and Spirit, 4HERO, Jubei, DLR, Big Bud, Seba, Tech Itch, Juju, Gasm Crew, Trace. DJ's: Randall, Bailey, Fierce, Nicky Blackmarket, Karl K, Joey Breakdown ;), Gridlock, Marcus Intalex. There are so many really. It's mind blowing when you think of the volume of good music and DJ's over the last 20 years. Marky is also up there for his diversity and legendary long sets.

DS215: Wow, thanks for the shout! How would you describe your style of DJing in terms of both style and selection?

BMA: From a style point, I prefer to let tracks play a bit and do more longer, subtle mixes as opposed to major drops and cuts. I am not one for the trend of trying to cram 45 to 70 songs in 90 minutes. I rarely play a track just for a snippet (outside of a fun tease in a mix). I tend to lean towards more musical songs that stand on their own start to finish as well as sit nice in a mix. The one thing I loved about my shows online over the years is the ability to play MUSIC with no regard to a dance floor. That's not to say I don't love a good smasher or anthem but to me its almost TOO easy to play all bangers. Its also to me shows a lack of vision. I will always have a love of dark and hard music. But I do seem to limit where and how they fit into sets and selections now.

DS215: Agreed on all points. Describe your first interaction with drum n bass/jungle music.

BMA: Out of my head on more than drinks, and we'll leave it at that. In Atlanta in 1994. DB on his History of Our World tour. He dropped Mr. Kirks Nightmare on a booming system and it was game over from that very moment. I can remember it to this day. I was 21....

DS215: Nice. I don't really have a specific moment, just an era when I started paying attention to this "different" stuff all these "techno" Djs were playing.

BMA: Yeah, that set changed the course of my life forever. I was familiar with techno, trance and house prior to that but THIS was something totally different.

DS215: So you mentioned earlier that you sort of took a break from the music for a few years to focus on yourself and life. With that in mind, what ultimately made you decide to get back involved and start up your show again?

BMA: I had played a few gigs here and there over the years for fun and just enjoyed it. Three years ago I started dating my fiancee and she was like "oh, you were a DJ huh? cool." She knew NOTHING about dnb minus a car commercial here and there. Mind you I was still going to events etc, but just from time to time. The music had been boring for a while and my job pretty much had me all over the western world for the last 7 years. Then she asked me to play for her, so from time to time I would do mini sets for her. It was always a place of escape, venting, rejoicing, peace of mind for me and I got back to why I have loved this music in the first place - away from the promoting, the politics, the nights with slow turn outs etc. Then last year I was heading back to Ohio and along the way, promoters heard I was coming back and said "Bringing records?" And I said "um no, should I?" They said yes. I did a handful of gigs and then did sets on your show and a few others in the area and it kind of reignited that flame. Add in that dnb has had the best music over the last 2 years that has appealed to me and it all just sort of snowballed. After a few discussions with my fiancee about what this could mean and what it could lead to, she looked me in the eye and said “What the fuck are you waiting for? This is who you are and this is what you have always loved, so do your thing B” With those simple words it was game on.


DS215: Since we're discussing more of your personal side, besides DJing, what else do you get into. Work, hobbies, life?

BMA: Ahhhhhh the "get to know the REAL me" section hahahahahaha

Can you tell I've read a lot of DJ interviews over time? :)

BMA: Hahaha. I am a proud father before I am anything. As far as "real world job" goes I am the Brand Manager for Sailor Jerry Clothing. As far as "interests" I am into hockey, travel, food/cooking, wine, books, strange history, languages, art, design, good films.

Alright and to wrap this up since you are a busy guy - Any upcoming projects/production work we should be on the look out for? What does 2014 have in store for you? Hopes goals, dreams, etc?

BMA: The launch of the new show, DJ Mixes, blog/history of dnb pieces. Production of new tunes. One release confirmed for now (even though I just told them I want to redo the track hahaha). I hope to have at least 4 EPs of production done this year or a few later down the line over a shorter period of time, but that is the big "I dunnnnnooo" one. I'd like to grow the show to a good level to highlight all the styles and eras of drum and bass. I mean in 20 years there are a shit ton of good tunes that can, should, and need to still be played. Sure I love having NEW unreleased material, exclusives blah blah... but I really think its disrespectful to the genre to only look one week or month or two of music and be limited to that. There is something to be said for playing tracks from 95, 97, 99, 00, 04, 07, 09, 2011, 2013 and unreleased tracks all in a set or two and having it be cohesive and tell a story or, to take that cliche, "journey".

DS215: Any last shouts before we finish?

BMA: Heather, Violet, Mom, Chris, you and the DS215 crew, everyone at, James Intrinsic, my SF crew, 412DNB massive, Breakbeat Science heads, and anyone who loves dnb and has supported it over the years.

Thanks so much for your time and best of luck with your new show!
DJ BMA can be heard on his LIVE show, The Vast Parlor, 2nd and 4th Thursdays from 8pm-10pm EST on

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Michelle Sainte LIVE @ Next Step, Club Skyline, Philadelphia circa 1998 (Video)

Here comes another nifty little throwback video of a few of the residents at the old Philly dnb weekly Next Step at that took place Tuesdays at Club Skyline, where the seed were planted for the eventual smashdown that was Platinum. Thanks again to MagnumDB for the capture and upload! If you missed our video of J/Smooth & Method One in action, check it out! 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

J. Smooth & Method One @ Next Step, Philly (Video)

Whoa nelly! We're on a posting rampage over here @ the DS215. Here's some fun footage of the early days at Next Step, the weekly party that took place at the much beloved/mostly hated Skyline Nightclub @ 12th & Arch. Check out the dons J. Smooth and Method One laying down the Philly vibes sometime in 97/98. Shouts to MagnumDB for the footage!

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Karl K: Techstep Selection - (Summer 1996)

Here is one of those tapes that always felt sort of illicit as Karl never released this officially that I know of, it was allegedly made for a friend, then passed to a friend to a friend to a friend and wound up in my possession. For years I've held onto it as its excellent and recently, finally ripped it to mp3 to preserve it as the cassette is deteriorating rapidly. The mix is a raw slash through ninety blistering minutes of techstep drum n bass music, in the heat of Philadelphia, summer 1996. The tunes feature the finest bits by the usual suspects. Track list after the jump. Enjoy, comment, and share. And thanks Karl for a great mix.

Side 1
Trace – Mutant Revisited
Skyscraper - Liberty One
Blame – Neptune
Ed Rush – What’s Up?
– Got To
Dillinja - Violent Killa

Dom and Roland – Dynamics
Nico and Trace – Mad Different Methods
Ed Rush – Subway
Ed Rush – Mothership
Doc Scott – Machines
Dom and Roland - The Planets

Dillinja – Deadly Deep Subs Remix

Side 2
Dillinja – Deadly Deep Subs Remix
Dom and Roland – Thunder

Trace and Nico - Droid

Rollerz Instinct – Haze

Ed Rush – Killamanaro

B.L.I.M. –
Jeamland (Trace’s Word)
Doc Scott – Drumz ‘95
 Dillinja – Threshold
Fierce and Nico - Input

Ed Rush – The Raven

??? - ???

Trace and Nico - Monkeys

Ed Rush – Skylab

Friday, May 10, 2013

Platinum: The Final Smashdown @ Club Fluid / April 2013

In April of 2013, Philadelphia drum and bass finished the most important chapter of its history as the city's legendary nightspot Fluid closed its doors after 16 successful years. Fluid was home to the influential and groundbreaking weekly party Platinum, run by Dieselboy & Kevin Gimble, (and countless others behind the scenes) from 1997-2004, boasting such weekly resident DJs such as DSL himself, Kaos, Karl K, Method One, Mason, Sine, Icon, Armanni, Sharpness, Messinian, and Illy MC, with the weekly top notch out-of-town guests reading like a whose-who of dnb music.

Before the club closed last month the gang got together for one last smashdown, and luckily for all of us, someone remembered to hit the record button. Enjoy these sets. Big up to Mason for the links!  

Or, right click save as:  


Karl K 


Method One 



Friday, July 20, 2012

Archive: DJ Trace - Live on IntheLab 7/19/12

Well, here it is. We're gonna let the set speak for itself this go around. Huge big up to Trace for coming through and letting loose. To all of our readers: turn it up :)

[0:00:00] Future & Missree - Black Smoke [DSCI4]
[0:06:13] DJ Future - Powerful Destiny [Danger Chamber Digital]
[0:09:33] DJ Future - Is It Safe [117]
[0:15:09] Verb - Ghetto Blaster [Chronic]
[0:19:19] Aspect, Gremlinz & Friske - Shank [DSCI4]
[0:22:10] Stranjah - Changling(dub)
[0:25:34] DJ Trace - Mutant(Future VIP)
[0:29:23] DJ Future - Life[117]
[0:32:25] Ricky Force - Dublin 1 [Pressin' Hard]
[0:34:32] Champa B - 5:40 [Scientific Wax]
[0:36:08] Vicious Circle - Instinct [Siren]
[0:39:52] Splash - Babylon (DJ Future Remix)
[0:44:35] Technical Itch & Dylan - The Fountain Of Youth [Guerilla]
[0:49:24] DJ Future - One Way Ticket To Mars[117]
[0:52:59] Jazzsteppa & Foreign Beggars - Raising The Bar (Stray Remix) [Studio Rockers]
[0:54:28] 2D33P - Secrets Of The Universe [DSCI4]
[1:01:14] Double O - Hunter Man [117]
[1:05:28] DJ Future - Intergalactic Dust [Danger Chamber Digital]
[1:11:05] DJ Future - Evil Place [117]
[1:16:20] Stranjah - Prominence [DSCI4]
[1:21:14] Technical Itch & Gein - Killsound (ft. Jakes) (Technical Itch Steppa VIP) [Bad Chemistry]
[1:22:44] Verb - Bad Boy Sound [117]
[1:27:01] Double O - Natty Dread [117]
[1:31:03] Fade - Ruff Tactics [DSCI4]
[1:34:48] Overlook - Existence [DSCI4]
[1:37:30] Dj Future - Said you loved me[117]
[1:41:17] DJ Trace - Sonar (Quartz Bootleg)
[1:43:20] Verb - Brutal(dub)
[1:46:58] DJ Trace - Lost Entity (Verb Remix dub)
[1:50:21] DJ Future - 1000 Miles(dub)
[1:55:01] Kid Lib - The Dopest (Tim Reaper Remix)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Joey Breakdown - Hearing Is Believing (Fall 1995)

 So a while back I posted my very first very amateur attempt at a mixtape, recorded not long after I got my decks and had very little experience. A good 4-5 months later, I "released' this as my first official mixtape in an effort to promote my efforts, distributing and handing out copies at nights like NuWorld @ Fever on Thursdays and various other one offs. I spent those months leading up to this completely immersing myself in the drum n bass and jungle genres, getting familiar with the labels, artists, subgenres, etc. As you can tell from the tracklist, I'd gotten a handle on the quality output from this time period, though the mix does rely on the heavyweights of Good Looking, Metalheadz, and Moving Shadow - easily still 3 of my favorite labels. 

Listening back for the first time in probably over a decade, I can say I'm pretty proud of the mix. It's actually programmed well and the blends are fairly seemless, especially considering the crap gear I made this on (Numark mixer from the 70's with virtually no crossfader, and Gemini belt drive turntables with a pitch DIAL that I mastered like nobodies business!) Lots of copies of this tape got around, a good bit of feedback always came back so I'm excited to share it now. Most of these are some of the first jungle/dnb records I ever purchased. I did a bit of remastering the EQ's on this one so its sounding pretty decent for 17 year old cassette. :)

Joey Breakdown - Hearing Is Believing (Fall 1995)
Side 1 (download)
Photek – Waveforms (GLR)
Doc Scott – Far Away (Metalheadz)
Peshay – Vocal Tune (GLR)
DJ Rap and Voyager – Burning Love (Proper Talent)
DJ Krust – Jazz Note (V)
Goldie – Kemistry (Doc Scott Rmx) (Metalheadz)
DJ Harmony – Serious (Moving Shadow)
Andy C – Roll On (Ram)
Source Direct – Currents (Certificate 18)
Voyager – Haunted (Lucky Spin)
DJ Krust – Burning (V)
Tech Itch – Making Me (Tech Itch)
Omni Trio – Renegade Snares (Foul Play VIP) (Moving Shadow)
Aquarius – Dolphin Tune (GLR)
Omni Trio – Shadowplay (Moving Shadow)

Side 2 (download)
Aquarius and Tayla – Soul Searching (GLR)
Omni Trio – Rollin' Heights (Foul Play Rmx) (Moving Shadow)
Peshay – Piano Tune (GLR)
Aquarius – Aquatic (GLR)
Bay B Kane – Seconds And Hours (Whitehouse)
LTJ Bukem – Horizons (LGR)
DJ Crystl – Sweet Dreams (Deejay)
Bay B Kane – If You Believe (Whitehouse)
Doc Scott – It’s Yours (Metalheadz)
Blame – Groove Research (Moving Shadow)

Stay tuned for more sets coming sooner than you think! I've been on a tear lately ripping all kinds of old cassettes - from myself, J. Smooth, Karl K, Kaos, some mean Mason sets, among other yet to be disclosed gems. If you are sitting on any old school Philly related jungle/dnb mixes (pre-2000 please) make sure to contact me so we can get them posted here! Its all about preserving this amazing time of music!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

DJ Kaos - Artificial Paradise (1997)

Last year Chris [Kaos] randomly sent me a link to one of his mixes he had recently re-discovered. I've been sitting on it for a bit but wanted to share with the class. No tracklist (you're welcome to have a go), but expect perfectly seamless blends and 'nuff rolling 1997/98 atmospheric business from the likes of LTJ Bukem, Intense, Blu Mar Ten, and imprints like Good Looking and their affiliates. Next Step heads know the deal on this one.

or download side 1 or side 2.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Trace vs Karl K @ 91.7 WKDUfm (May 12, 1996)

Those of you who were actually around in the very early days of the Philadelphia jungle scene should remember when one could actually hear drum n bass on FM radio. That is if you were turned onto Mr. Roper's jungle/dnb show on Drexel's University's 91.7fm WKDU. Somehow all the way up in the Greater Northeast area of Philly I was always able to pick up the station, and, by luck one night, happened to tune in to find myself knee deep in an ab. so. lute. ly tearin' set of the then very next level sounds of DJ's Trace &; Karl K.

Naturally I quickly popped in a cassette tape to capture what I could - sadly just the last hour of their set. And after holding it very close to my chest all these years I'm sharing it with the world. Note that these were all dubplates at the time of this recording, I included the labels in the tracklist as its surprising (or maybe it isn't) that most of them got released. Excuse the poor sound quality - it was raining, the signal was weak and its from a nearly 17 year old cassette tape. It's a bit raw, innit? As always, enjoy. (And fill in the blanks! I know the tunes, but can't place the names!)

Side 1
Dom & Roland - Dynamics (Moving Shadow)
Trace & Nico - Mad Different Methods (No U-Turn)
Dillinja Deadly Deep Subs (Rmx) (Razors Edge)
Rufige Kru - VIP Riders Ghost (Metalheadz)
Olive - Miracle (Doc Scott Rmx) (RCA)
Mirage (Source Direct) - Personal (Odysee)
Hydro - The Bomb Shit (Emotif)
Blim - Jeamland (DJ Trace's Word) (Emotif)
< < < download > > >

Side 2
Blim - Jeamland (DJ Trace's Word) (Emotif)
Trace & Nico - Damn Son (No U-Turn)
Ed Rush & Nico - Mothership (No U-Turn)
Trace & Nico - Amtrak (No U-Turn)
Ed Rush - Check Me Out (Deejay)
Trace/Nico? - ???
Ed Rush - August (No U-Turn)
Ed Rush - Killamanjaro (Prototype)
Trace & Nico - Haze (Emotif)
< < < download > > > 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Karl K Live @ Yoman 1997 (Video)

Fun video, huh? Many memories from the infamous dnb room @ 1415 Locust. Anyways, sorry for the lack of posts everyone. Thanks for stopping by. Check back soon, fun stuff ahead. I swear.