Tuesday, November 1, 2011

DJ Kaos - Rainbow Playground (1994)

I need to admit something: I've been holding back on posting this one. This tape is where it began for me, and it's very special, but the tape is about to completely disintegrate.

While a sophomore in high school I was dragged by new friends out to a Friday night No Doz party at the Trocadero (all ages to get in) and danced relentlessly like I was a Club MTV veteran, immediately immersed in the tribal house sounds of DJ's Tripp and Dozia. This led to ventures to The Casbah (eventually to become The 5 Spot - RIP!) and its Saturday all night (also all ages) Rainbow Playground nights. It was here I lost myself to the sounds of the true real deal original Philly jungle/breakbeat/drum n bass DJ's Kaos and Karl K. I will always have massive respect to these dudes - these kids, as they/we were - and for what they brought to this city and to my, and many others ears. It was like nothing I had ever heard before, and it changed me.

I don't recall if this tape actually came directly from the club night itself or we just re-coined it after the night as it was the soundtrack to that spring/summer of 1994 before the night closed down and places like Flight at the Troc, Yoman at Nile, and Nu World at Fever all popped up. We referred to this music at the time as 'breakbeat techno', there was no such thing as 'jungle' or 'drum and bass' in our vocabulary at that point.

What you get here is basically 25 minutes or so of classic, epic jungle mixed seamlessly. Interestingly enough, I recently acquired a grip of the actual records played here, as Chris (Kaos) was selling a bulk of his collection due to a long distance move. Shame he had to give up such gems, but I couldn't be more stoked to have been the one to swoop in and scoop them up. They certainly have a good home here. :) Enjoy the mix. And yes, if you were wondering - that is Elgin Lee Baker on that flyer. :)

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