Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kaos - Underground Selection Vol 2 (1995)

OK so it's safe to say I've got a nice grip of old mixtapes by both Karl K and Kaos, so expect many more, but rest assured I've got some bits by J. Smooth, Boy Blue, Trace and a few of my own first tapes coming up real soon. Also, keep an ear out for Episode 2 of the Drumskool215 podcast. Click here to check the first one, mixed and hosted by yours truly.

Anyways, on to the business at hand. This mix, which hit the streets in summer of 1995, remains an all time favorite of mine - it's superbly mixed and programmed, spanning a multitude of styles and tunes, from the likes of LTJ Bukem, Photek, Aphrodite, Dillinja, Lemon D, DJ Crystl, Q Project, Source Direct, and if memory serves I recall that side 1 of this mix kicks off with a very early DJ Kaos original? No full tracklist (though I could probably work it out if I had time) but nonetheless the mix is wicked stuff. Check it.

Download Side 1
Download Side 2

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Karl K - Dubplate Selection (1995)

Throughout most of 1995, I, along with a good chunk of the Philly rave scene, regularly attended the dark, cavernous confines of the basement known as Club Fever, specifically the Thursday night weekly New World parties. This tape hails from that time period, as it was not only acquired from Karl K at one of those parties but a good chunk of what's on this tape is stuff he regularly dropped in his sets at the time. This mix was a fixture in my walkman, cassette deck, and any car I was riding in, and remains of of my favorite mixes to this day.

It's a blistering weave of ragga, techstep, hardstep, jump up, rnb & hip-hop vocal samples, and jazzy atmospherics combined with Karl's usual cutting and scratching - it's, in a word: jungle. And it's awesome. Look out for the brief appearance of MC Dub 2 in the second half. Below is a partial track list, if anyone is willing to fill in the blanks please do in the comments :)

Tonic - The Mack
Ed Rush - Gun Check
T Power - The Mutant (DJ Trace Remix)
Eternal Bass - One Movement
Roni Size - Timestretch (Origin Unknown Remix)
DJ Krust - Set Speed
Ray Keith - Sing Time
DJ SS & Mental Power - Blue
Funki Porcini - King Ashabanapal (Dillinja Remix)
Shy FX - This Style
Babylonian - Ball Of Fire
MTS - Baad Boy Sound
Therapy? - Loose (Photek Remix)
Q Project & Spinback - Riker's Island (Dream Mix)

JMJ & Richie - Free La Funk
Shogun - Reflex
The Mack - Hip To The Hoppa
Desired State - Here & Now
Splash - Babylon (DJ Trace Remix)
Dillinja - You Don't Know (Remix)
Photek - Complex
Roger Johnson - The Drifter
Jack Ruby - Another World

Download Side 1
Download Side 2