Friday, July 20, 2012

Archive: DJ Trace - Live on IntheLab 7/19/12

Well, here it is. We're gonna let the set speak for itself this go around. Huge big up to Trace for coming through and letting loose. To all of our readers: turn it up :)

[0:00:00] Future & Missree - Black Smoke [DSCI4]
[0:06:13] DJ Future - Powerful Destiny [Danger Chamber Digital]
[0:09:33] DJ Future - Is It Safe [117]
[0:15:09] Verb - Ghetto Blaster [Chronic]
[0:19:19] Aspect, Gremlinz & Friske - Shank [DSCI4]
[0:22:10] Stranjah - Changling(dub)
[0:25:34] DJ Trace - Mutant(Future VIP)
[0:29:23] DJ Future - Life[117]
[0:32:25] Ricky Force - Dublin 1 [Pressin' Hard]
[0:34:32] Champa B - 5:40 [Scientific Wax]
[0:36:08] Vicious Circle - Instinct [Siren]
[0:39:52] Splash - Babylon (DJ Future Remix)
[0:44:35] Technical Itch & Dylan - The Fountain Of Youth [Guerilla]
[0:49:24] DJ Future - One Way Ticket To Mars[117]
[0:52:59] Jazzsteppa & Foreign Beggars - Raising The Bar (Stray Remix) [Studio Rockers]
[0:54:28] 2D33P - Secrets Of The Universe [DSCI4]
[1:01:14] Double O - Hunter Man [117]
[1:05:28] DJ Future - Intergalactic Dust [Danger Chamber Digital]
[1:11:05] DJ Future - Evil Place [117]
[1:16:20] Stranjah - Prominence [DSCI4]
[1:21:14] Technical Itch & Gein - Killsound (ft. Jakes) (Technical Itch Steppa VIP) [Bad Chemistry]
[1:22:44] Verb - Bad Boy Sound [117]
[1:27:01] Double O - Natty Dread [117]
[1:31:03] Fade - Ruff Tactics [DSCI4]
[1:34:48] Overlook - Existence [DSCI4]
[1:37:30] Dj Future - Said you loved me[117]
[1:41:17] DJ Trace - Sonar (Quartz Bootleg)
[1:43:20] Verb - Brutal(dub)
[1:46:58] DJ Trace - Lost Entity (Verb Remix dub)
[1:50:21] DJ Future - 1000 Miles(dub)
[1:55:01] Kid Lib - The Dopest (Tim Reaper Remix)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Joey Breakdown - Hearing Is Believing (Fall 1995)

 So a while back I posted my very first very amateur attempt at a mixtape, recorded not long after I got my decks and had very little experience. A good 4-5 months later, I "released' this as my first official mixtape in an effort to promote my efforts, distributing and handing out copies at nights like NuWorld @ Fever on Thursdays and various other one offs. I spent those months leading up to this completely immersing myself in the drum n bass and jungle genres, getting familiar with the labels, artists, subgenres, etc. As you can tell from the tracklist, I'd gotten a handle on the quality output from this time period, though the mix does rely on the heavyweights of Good Looking, Metalheadz, and Moving Shadow - easily still 3 of my favorite labels. 

Listening back for the first time in probably over a decade, I can say I'm pretty proud of the mix. It's actually programmed well and the blends are fairly seemless, especially considering the crap gear I made this on (Numark mixer from the 70's with virtually no crossfader, and Gemini belt drive turntables with a pitch DIAL that I mastered like nobodies business!) Lots of copies of this tape got around, a good bit of feedback always came back so I'm excited to share it now. Most of these are some of the first jungle/dnb records I ever purchased. I did a bit of remastering the EQ's on this one so its sounding pretty decent for 17 year old cassette. :)

Joey Breakdown - Hearing Is Believing (Fall 1995)
Side 1 (download)
Photek – Waveforms (GLR)
Doc Scott – Far Away (Metalheadz)
Peshay – Vocal Tune (GLR)
DJ Rap and Voyager – Burning Love (Proper Talent)
DJ Krust – Jazz Note (V)
Goldie – Kemistry (Doc Scott Rmx) (Metalheadz)
DJ Harmony – Serious (Moving Shadow)
Andy C – Roll On (Ram)
Source Direct – Currents (Certificate 18)
Voyager – Haunted (Lucky Spin)
DJ Krust – Burning (V)
Tech Itch – Making Me (Tech Itch)
Omni Trio – Renegade Snares (Foul Play VIP) (Moving Shadow)
Aquarius – Dolphin Tune (GLR)
Omni Trio – Shadowplay (Moving Shadow)

Side 2 (download)
Aquarius and Tayla – Soul Searching (GLR)
Omni Trio – Rollin' Heights (Foul Play Rmx) (Moving Shadow)
Peshay – Piano Tune (GLR)
Aquarius – Aquatic (GLR)
Bay B Kane – Seconds And Hours (Whitehouse)
LTJ Bukem – Horizons (LGR)
DJ Crystl – Sweet Dreams (Deejay)
Bay B Kane – If You Believe (Whitehouse)
Doc Scott – It’s Yours (Metalheadz)
Blame – Groove Research (Moving Shadow)

Stay tuned for more sets coming sooner than you think! I've been on a tear lately ripping all kinds of old cassettes - from myself, J. Smooth, Karl K, Kaos, some mean Mason sets, among other yet to be disclosed gems. If you are sitting on any old school Philly related jungle/dnb mixes (pre-2000 please) make sure to contact me so we can get them posted here! Its all about preserving this amazing time of music!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

DJ Kaos - Artificial Paradise (1997)

Last year Chris [Kaos] randomly sent me a link to one of his mixes he had recently re-discovered. I've been sitting on it for a bit but wanted to share with the class. No tracklist (you're welcome to have a go), but expect perfectly seamless blends and 'nuff rolling 1997/98 atmospheric business from the likes of LTJ Bukem, Intense, Blu Mar Ten, and imprints like Good Looking and their affiliates. Next Step heads know the deal on this one.

or download side 1 or side 2.