Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Joey Breakdown: 7/14/95

My first ever mix tape. This was made for some friends and got passed around. It never had a proper title so I titled it after the date it was recorded. Yes, the mixing and track selection maybe leave something to be desired but it's really not that bad for a 17 year old who just got his first pair of decks two months prior. I think I had already played out @ the then Club Nile by this point. I had picked up the technical side of DJing fairly quickly. Mostly because I watched other DJ's I very quickly knew what I was doing technically. However, this mix shows I had a while to go before I understood how to program a set and especially that I was still feeling my way around what records to buy and play. Nonetheless, it's a fun trip down memory lane for me. While hesitant to post such an amateur effort, a few friends have asked for copies over the years so it's nice to have it digitalized...

No full track list as I sold a lot of these years ago and have no clue what they are, but I can say you'll enjoy the likes of Goldie, Remarc, 4 Hero, DJ SS, Ellis D, Leviticus, Origin Unknown, Bizzy B, and some cheeky Toni Tony Tone remix, among others. Enjoy.

Joey Breakdown: 7/14/95 - Side 1
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