Tuesday, June 29, 2010

DJ Trace - The Philadelphia Sessions (1999)

From what I gather, the streets is hungry for more classic mixes by the original techstep don - the UK's (and mid-90's Philly transplant) DJ Trace. I've been a long time fan of the master both as a DJ when I first got hold of his Don FM pirate radio sets from 1993/94, as well as a huge fan of his many incredible productions over the years.

During his stint in my hometown, not only did I get to regularly check Trace (known as Duncan to his mum) play excellently on many massive rigs, I've also been extremely lucky to be on occasion witness to this turntable monster throw down some of the freshest, nastiest dubplates in some of the most intimate settings: on decks set up on kitchen counters in 4am apartment ragers, off the back of a truck behind some abandon warehouse in North Philly, and of course the dark, smokey, extremely loud confines of the upstairs back room @ 1415 Locust (blunts, break-dancing and bass, anyone? Those were the days!).

This mix from 1999 - landed via mp3 in my email box recently. I don't actually own a copy, though I do remember it's release and it making the rounds among friends. It's an excellent selection recorded at GFS studios (big up Joe & Justin!) with a nice little intro by the recently elusive Dub 2 MC. Expect a heavy neurofunk vibe, loads of Bad Company, Ed Rush & Optical, Johnny L, Ram Trilogy, Trace, Fierce, and more. The quality is very questionable at times so forgive me it is out of my control. This is the problem with encoding cassette tapes. Enjoy!

DJ Trace - The Philadelphia Sessions (1999) Side 1

DJ Trace - The Philadelphia Sessions (1999) Side 2


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  1. i was just randomly thinking of my first club experience, and decided to google it lol! i found this site. i have a pretty weak memory now a day, but i remember a friend taking me to 1415 with trace on the decks. that's when i fell head over heels in love with dnb. the club scene was just budding in my town, and i listened to dee-lite, so i thought id try to dress the part. i wore coveralls with furry leopard print inserts, a long sleeve adidas soccer shirt, and had my bleach blond hair in side braids. that was rather normal for my hometown york club, but when i got to philly, i was NOT dressed the part! they were so much cooler! it was embarrassing as hell, but none the less, trace rocked, and it was part of a good memory. im thinking it was 96 or so. weird how we are all of a sudden old as shit.