Wednesday, March 2, 2011

DJ Trace w/ Dub2 MC: Live @ Bassrush vs Formation (1996)

Sorry for the delay in posts. We're back and re-energized. Soon with a brand spanking new DrumSkool215 podcast chock full of deliciousness, and in the meantime we're rolling out some freshly ripped classic mix tapes. Since we've got to bring it back with a bang, I've unearthed one of the holy grails of the mid 90's jungle scene: DJ Trace w/ Dub2 MC Live @ Bassrush vs Formation, 1996.

himself actually personally insisted I upload this one - and for plenty good reason. It takes me right back to the vibes of Fridays @ 1415 Locust. Hearing all this stuff the first time around, in a dark, smoky club through floor-to-ceiling speakers was mind blowing. It's an incredibly energetic set loaded with (at the time) fresh dubs from everyone and anyone who mattered at the time. As you can see from the tracklist below (thanks to those who helped i.d.) Doc Scott, Dillinja, Grooverider, Boymerang, Lemon D, and Trace himself all contribute runnin' next step beats.

Note Dillinja's 'Tron' on side two of the mix - it's a very early rollin version of 'Silverblade' that only a select few got a copy of. I'd always hoped for a release, but it seems the DAT has been lost. :(
At least I got to hear it on a proper system a few times.

As always, keep in mind these are cassette rips, there is only so much I can do to improve the quality other than boosting the levels and tweaking the EQ's a bit. And don't forget to check out the Trace Live @ Bassquake in 1997 set that we ripped last year. More to come!!!!

Side 1

Boymerang - You Like It Like That
Nasty Habits - Shadowboxing
Lemon D - 12:01
Nasty Habits - Prototyped
Dillinja - Yo

Elementz of Noize - Planet
Boymerang - Blue Notes
Trace & Nico - Area 51
Grooverider - The Warning

Side 2

Trace - Mutant Revisited
Boymerang - Still
Trace & Nico - Replicants
Capone - Paradise
Dillinja - Tron
Trace - Squadron
Grooverider - Jon Two
Goldie - Kemistry (Doc Scott Rmx)


  1. THANK YOU for posting this! Been looking for this tape for years since my copy disappeared. I was at that Bassrush and it literally changed my life. Hearing Amtrak for the first time and really techstep for the first time. Big up PHi!!!

  2. "Amtrak" is my jam too. I have a battered vinyl copy somewhere in the stacks. I have another great live mix I'm going to post soon of Trace & Karl K back to back on Mr. Roper's show on 91.7 (Drexel) sometime in early 1996. Stay tuned.

  3. Take me back to 1996 with phat blunt and the philly crew.

  4. is this downloadable? i think i was at this party

  5. Yo - thx again for posting this tape rip. Any chance you or anyone else from Phila got that Philly Blunt mixtape from 94/95? Recorded while Trace was staying in Allentown, I got a copy from Lawrenzo (undaground set!) in 1996 but haven't been able to locate a tape rip anywhere online.

  6. btw fam, I took a few moments and cleaned up the audio a bit... levels mostly even and fixed the weirdness between L/R channels.

    Sida A:

    Side B:

  7. also, re: the philly blunt tape. i know it, but i do not own a copy. however, i've been recently invited to rape and pillage a few old moldy boxes of mixtapes around philly (thanks to this blog) so if it turns up i'll surely post it. i do remember it, as that was my golden era, and was a great mix.

  8. everyone make sure to check out the archives (on the right here ------->>> for loads of other classic philly jungle/dnb mixes!

  9. This takes me back to when we used to all congregate upstairs @ yoman @ club 1415. That place was the real breaking point for Philly dnb. It was the place to go before Platinum really pushed the scene further.

  10. Thank you so much for this, had a copy of this back in the day and my tape deck destroyed it. Came across a copy a few years later that had the first minute cut from side A, which was a major let down. Now i can hear it complete in it's purest techstep form.

  11. I'm so happy to have stumbled upon this site. It really brings back some memories. Any chance to hear anything from Rainbow Playground?

  12. no direct sets from rainbow playground, but check out these for some vibes from that era:

    and also these:

    both highly recommended.

  13. My little 2 cents for a minute...

    For everybody that can't quite remember if they went to this party, Baltimore warehouse location with outside deck area. There was a pretty LONG hallway corridor to get to the outside deck. Lots of kids camping in the hallway. Outside, thats where feelgood and few others tore it up. Main room here was dnb to promote the formation label.

    I know the SS set was off the hook that night as well, (wouldn't happen to have that?) I remember dancing ALOT... Words can't even describe the raw energy that was in that place. Trace/Dub2 smashed it for sure. Epic set man, thanks for sharing. Def made my day/year. 1996, can I go back for just a few hours... this tape is the closest thing. thank you.

  14. I had the flyer until all my flyers got trashed when I left the house. oh well.

  15. i was at this party. went to all of the bassrush parties actually. i got a healthy tape collection which i will eventually unearth and rip for everyone.

    trace recently posted one side of his bassrush: summer rush set on his dsci4 soundcloud page. so full of goodies! hoping the other side gets posted too.

  16. i've got sets from SS and rap from this night too btw.

  17. dj proto j, do u have an email or somthing? I'd like to get a hold of the ss and rap tapes from this night. just for personal memories thanks

  18. YES YES YES!!! ART CUEBIK...MY MAN THIS IS THE dub2 REACHIN OUT>>>WICKED TINGS !!!! the Bassrush bizness....fukin monumental mate . much respect to u my old friend keepin the newcomers up on wat d nb history is. rinsin!! ONE LOVE>>DUB2 MC